General Terms of Sales

  1. Our invoices shall be payable to the selling company, net, cash, unless specified otherwise at the time of the order. Our drafts or receipts shall bring neither novation nor exemption from this clause. The pre-paid instalments shall be retained as damages.
  2. Invoices that would not be paid as per contract terms shall carry, automatically and without injunction, an interest of 12% the year and shall be increased by a fixed allowance of 20% of the initial amount, with a minimum of 100 EUR.
  3. The delivered goods shall remain the property of the selling company until the complete payment of all the credits resulting from the sales convention signed the buyer, in the event of non payment, according to the terms agreed and signed and within the deadlines agreed, the goods shall go back to the selling company’s property.
  4. When the credit of the purchaser is badly affected, we shall require from the purchaser, even after the partial enforcement of an agreement, the guarantees that we shall think appropriate in order to respect the commitments decided and agreed. Should these terms not be fulfilled, we shall cancel all of or part of the deal concluded.
  5. All our goods are sold and have the appropriate and required licence in our stores. The buyer shall endorse the risks and dangers on behalf of the final recipient. Shipment fees and taxes shall be endorsed by the so-called buyer as well, even if our company is in charge of the transportation of the goods.
  6. Any complaint must be communicated within 5 days after the delivery. Any return must be advised and shall not be endorsed by our company.
  7. Should a dispute or a disagreement arise, the Court of the district of Liège (BELGIUM) shall be the only court qualified and recognized.



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