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HOLI Decals
1 - First step is the printing or handy creation of the needed images on the sheet (on the white and glossy side). You can also make a copy of an existing image. If you wish to print white, it will be necessary to use a white base sheet and not a clear one.

2 - It is ESSENTIAL, then, to protect the images with a layer of varnish. It will avoid an ink dilution when the decal is putted into water. We advise the use of LIQUID DECAL FILM (réf. MI-12) of MICROSCALE.

3 - You can now (after complete drying) cut out your images and put them in water like any other decal. When the image starts to be detached slightly from the support, it is the moment to apply it to a clean and degreased surface.

4 - The application of the created images is completely compatible with the use of the products MICRO SET and MICRO SOL (of MICROSCALE) to facilitate the installation at difficult place or with irregular surface.

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